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Material Paradise (Group exhibition)

  • Vetterstraat 66 Amsterdam Netherlands (map)

It’s almost one year ago now, since we embarked on the adventure of searching for material utopias, referring to the ambitious aim to create a new material reality for art and design. One thing we knew from the start: the search itself would become a very important aspect of the two-year master study. Presently, ten months forth, we are in the midst of our journey, and, as the students indicate with the title of this presentation, that journey may well be labeled with the word PARADISE.

The human mind usually tends to hold on to the well known. In contrast, experimenting with materials and techniques has the power to open up unforeseen perspectives and discover new ideas. Which are unpredictable, surprising, and always close to those who have attained them step-by-step. Whoever undertakes such an experimenting venture knows that the journey is not always easy. Materials have their own will and logic, which are often incompatible with the intentions of the artist and the designer. Moreover, the wisdom of the hands needs a critical and reflective mind to understand the bigger impact of any process.

We’re halfway and enjoying the journey, as well as looking forward to offer the audience a glimpse of the surprises we meet along the way. Next year we will proudly show you the on-going process and the un/expected results in our search for Material Utopias.

Louise Schouwenberg

Earlier Event: July 6
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