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Graduation Show Sandberg Institute 2015

  • Voormalige Burgerweeshuis IJsbaanpad 1 – 5 Amsterdam, 1076 CV Netherlands (map)

During the Graduation Show of the Ma Material Utopias at the Sandberg Institute, I will exhibit my graduation work 'The Fragility of Things'. 

The Fragility of Things exposes the impotence, the temporality and indeed the brittleness of objects. One tends to be careful and hesitant when confronted with something that appears to be fragile and precarious. This hesitation and carefulness, however, may act as a disruption, or at least provoke an increased awareness of ingrained habits in our daily lives. In the Fragility of Things I deliberately seek the fragilities of tableware, by combining edibles with metal, porcelain and glass and, by doing so, challenge the way we consummate food as well as the aesthetics that go along with it. On an abstract level the project addresses the fragility and temporality of human life, and uses fragile tableware as a metaphor to ‘speak’ about the care it deserves.

Made possible by the Materiaalfonds voor Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving 

OFFICIAL OPENING: Thursday 18 June 3:00 PM


  • Thursday 18 June 3:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Friday 19 June 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday 20 June 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Sunday 21 June 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

About the MA Material Utopias graduation exhibition:

The temporary Master’s programme Material Utopias has focussed on the materialization of art and design, and therefore has devoted ample attention to the artistic process. The reasons for choosing this approach were manifold.

Objects, whether considered art or functional, are never merely objects. Beneath their skin many references, narratives, ideas, and memories hide. These can trigger the imagination on many levels, as they acknowledge viewers and users as rational and sensuous beings who are capable of recognizing the spiritual within the material; discerning the layers of meaning that hide in physical objects.

Another reason for organising a materials-based programme at the Sandberg Instituut resides in the very act of creating art and design. Whereas thinking tends to revolve around the already known, the experimentation with materials unavoidably evokes coincidence and surprise. Materials and techniques contain many physical characteristics, as well as a multitude of historical, cultural and social references. While experimenting with them an artist and designer cannot hold on to preconceived plans and ideas, nor dictate the exact outcomes. The process itself will most likely evoke both a multitude of unforeseen sensations, as well as shake up conventional meanings that are attached to them.

Seemingly it was not a logical choice to simultaneously educate artists and designers, as there are many differences between these fields of expertise. Such as the presumed autonomy of the arts versus the presumed functional essence of design. However, art and design practices also share many similarities, such as the need to become aware of a personal voice, trust the intuition, and the need to stir the imagination of the spectator and the user.

Throughout their studies, both the artists and the designers let themselves be surprised by their material experiments and the consequences of those surprises. They inspired each other with the specific qualities of the various disciplines: the designers were challenged to explore their artistic freedom; the artists were challenged to become aware of the demands of a given context. Through lectures and many debates with (guest) tutors, they learned to theorize on the artistic process and consciously work with the meaningful references of materials and techniques.

The results of the two-year programme can be seen at this year’s Graduation Show of the Sandberg Instituut. Location: Burgerweeshuis, IJsbaanpad 1-5, Amsterdam. For more inquiries, please contact:

STUDENTS MATERIAL UTOPIAS: Marijke Annema, Daniel van Dijck, Nandi Enthoven, Laura Fügmann, Robert Grundström, Vincent Knopper, Sarah Meyers, Tjalling Mulder, Ea Polman, Alice Ronchi, Michelly Sugui, Nadine van Veldhuizen, Robin de Vogel. HEAD OF DEPARTMENT: Louise Schouwenberg. COORDINATOR: Judith Konz. (GUEST-)TUTORS: Jens Pfeifer, Robert Zandvliet, Folkert de Jong, Laurie Cluitmans, Agata Jaworska, Eylem Aladogan, Gijs Assmann, Mikel van Gelderen, Bastienne Kramer, Conny Groenewegen, Karel Martens, Erik Mattijssen, Ted Noten, Lex Pott, Thomas Rentmeister, Vincent de Rijk, Maria Roosen, and many others. 

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