Daniel van Dijck chair

Quid Feci?
The paradoxical and precarious journey of my body

This question, Quid Feci? deals with the life-changing decisions we have to make in our lives, which often lead to an inevitable paradox. Decisions that bring us happiness can also bring us the greatest suffering. My project deals with the precarious journey of my body, and the paradoxical questions it confronted me with. As a result of the discovery of the CDH1 gene (a 80% percent probability of developing a malignant tumor in the stomach), I have opted to undertake a gastric resection.

This installation exhibits my eating process, by displaying a cupboard, table, and chair as one body, where the alterations and eviscerations are clearly visible. By using the notion of Quid Feci?, where the expression of regret and mourning (lamentation) is uttered, and at the same time, a sense of relief, hope and resolution are expressed; this installation addresses this ambiguity, by playing with the notions of perfection and imperfection, fragility and stiffness, disfigurement and beauty.

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